Give me a pot of Big Mouth, please.

18 01 2009
Bai Hao--two leaves one bud

Bai Hao--two leaves one bud Photo by Craig Gibson

I just acquired some very fresh Bai Hao Oolong tea from the Fujian gardens of my Tea Master, Jason C.S. Chen. Very fresh! Bai Hao is usually known in the west as Oriental Beauty, although its original name was Big Mouth tea. Bai Hao is one of the most oxidized of the oolongs giving it that western comfort feel of a black tea whilst retaining the honey sweetness of an oolong. This is one great tea, especially when it is so fresh. Bai Hao means “white hair.” The finest camellia sinensis has white hair on the buds. This is an oolong so it is picked two leaves, one bud. Oh, and the sweetest thing about it, literally, is when bugs chew on the plant, it produces sugars as a defense. Sweet, indeed. [Photo by Craig Gibson]

 Coming Soon…Bai Hao Silver Needle
















In the meantime, have a cuppa on me: