Cha Who?

Pierce Watters is currently Senior Editor for Planet Stories Books and Director of Sales to the book trade and Hobby for Paizo Publishing, Circulation Director for Kobold Quarterly, Consultant to the Chinese Tea Trade, Book Reviewer for various concerns including The New York Review of Science Fiction, Teacher of tai chi to a group of Senior Citizens. Also note that chadao is Chinese for the Way of Tea.

The views of Moonlight Cha represent my own and not those of people or organizations I am associated with, unless explicitly stated. My quotations within this blog are intended to be used under a policy of personal use. The use of any trademark or copyrighted material is not intended to infringe Copyright. All original content in this blog is my copyright — © 2010 Pierce Watters, all rights reserved. I do not endorse or control the content viewed on links as they appear now or in the future.


4 responses

18 08 2008
Deran Wright

I like the new effect… the images complement and subtly enhance the feeling of the essay. Extremely well done.

18 08 2008

Yes, I like this design, too.

21 08 2008

beautiful name & thoughts – gentle design – feels welcoming

16 06 2009

Once I figured out (With Mister Mona’s canny hints) that you were you, & that you were the tea-guy, the “cha-do” became clear.

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